Orlando Cars and Coffee – 7/9/16

Werked - Orlando Cars and Coffee

Orlando Cars and Coffee – 7/9/16

Orlando Cars and Coffee is always a great meet and I always find something interesting and different. I usually make a few passes through the rows of cars and there are a lot of rows lately. I like to find cars that are highly modified, unique, super clean or just different even if it’s not my style. Cars and Coffee is always good for that and although I see the same cars month after month Orlando Cars and Coffee is doing a great job growing the meet and is awesome at bringing in new and interesting stuff.

July was my final Cars and Coffee in Orlando and I will definitely miss it. I’ve had a great time taking pictures and I am very happy to have met so many awesome people through this meet. The Orlando Cars and Coffee team is awesome and I wish you guys the best of luck and hope your event grows into everything you dream!

I leave for Charlotte, NC on Thursday and will continue to search for more cool events to take pictures at… Stay tuned!

Check out the photos from July and be sure to visit Orlando Cars and Coffee!

You can find more information on their Facebook…


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