Sandblast Rally 2017

Sandlast Rally 2017

Rally racing, true rally racing, is pretty hard to come by in the US. There are very few events on the east coast and I’ve really wanted to hit them up. Sandblast Rally was one of them and the other is 100AW in Missouri. I know it’s not an east coast event, but it is still within a days drive. I could only make it to one stage at the 2017 Sandblast Rally and I will definitely work it into my schedule for 2018 and spend the night on Friday. If you’re within a few hours of Cheraw, SC I highly suggest you check out this rally next year. I know it’s no WRC or Dakar but for an hour and a half drive it was close enough and it will be something different for all you motorsport fans! I chose the Sexton’s Pond Stage because of the time and some of the videos I watched on YouTube and it did not disappoint. Unfortunately, most of bikes were run at half speed due to an accident on the stage and to keep the schedule moving. The cars were full speed and pushing the boundaries, very squirrely and very exciting! There were quite a few entries and a good mix of bikes, cars, manufacturers and classes. I wish I could have stayed longer and I am already looking forward to next year! As always, hope you all enjoy the photos!

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