Cars and Cappuccino: March 2017

Car and Cappuccino: March 2017

I guess there isn’t much more to say about this Charlotte monthly that I haven’t already said. It’s quiet, small and refined. This is definitely one of those quality is better than quantity situations and there is always something different, vintage or just plain amazing. As far as photography goes, I find this event really allows me to get into a groove. I enjoy the challenge of shooting a show as it forces you to become more adaptable. It puts you into a situation where you can’t move the car, change the background, or time of day and you just have to be creative. I feel like this has helped a lot with my sports and motorsport photography, as the subject and variables change pretty quickly, being adaptable now plays a huge role in producing great images.

Check out the photos, there was a good mix of European makes and models as usual and a bit more variety of vintage cars.

As always, I hope you all enjoy the photos!

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