2018 Sandblast Rally, Cheraw, South Carolina

2018 Sandblast Rally

Life gets busy at times and responsibilities take precedence. I haven’t been shooting as much as I would like, let alone posting and being active on social media. I’ve been sick for what feels like forever, the prior month was really tough trying to balance rest and work. Luckily, I finally had a break from being sick, just in time for the 2018 Sandblast Rally in South Carolina.

Sandblast Rally has quickly become one of my favorite events to shoot. From a photography standpoint, rally racing is challenging, there’s an infinite array of shooting locations and the subject matter isn’t too bad either. It makes for a fun filled day hanging out in the woods, creating art and eating sandwiches in the car. I know it sounds corny, but it’s just what I needed after the month I had. A little downtime in between stages to actually disconnect, even for just a few minutes. The peaceful quiet time really builds up the excitement as you hear the hard launches at the stage start and exhaust pops from the heavy class cars resonating through the trees of the tranquil Sand Hills State Forest.

NASA Rally Sport and the entire Sandblast Rally staff really put on a great rally. The rally runs 8 stages over 50 or so miles through some pretty deep sand. I could imagine the wear and tear this does to both bikes and cars. All the competitors are such an awesome example of what grassroots racing is all about. Thanks to all for a great race!

I’ll end this now and save you all the painful experience of reading these things. I’m better with a camera; I hope you all enjoy the photos!

You can get more information about the rally at : Sandblast Rally

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